Our Leadership

Appointed by the Board of Supervisors, Matthew Constantine is the Director of Public Health Services.


Matthew Constantine, Director of Public Health Services

Phone: (661) 868-0300

E-Mail: mattc@co.kern.ca.us


Brynn Carrigan, Assistant Director

Phone:  (661) 868-0299

E-Mail: brynn@co.kern.ca.us


Assistant to the Director:

Sharon Kramer, Office Services Coordinator

Phone: (661) 868-0301

E-Mail: kramers@co.kern.ca.us


The Health Officer for the County of Kern is Dr. Claudia Jonah.


Claudia Jonah, M.D., Health Officer

Phone: (661) 868-0310

E-Mail: jonahc@co.kern.ca.us


Environmental Health Division  

  • Food and Consumer Protection Program
  • Land Development Program
  • Water Program
  • Housing Program
  • Hazardous Materials Program (Certified Unified Program Agency)
  • Solid Waste and Medical Waste Program



Donna Fenton, Director, Environmental Health Services Division

Phone: (661)  862-8726

E-Mail: donnaf@co.kern.ca.us




Emergency Medical Services Division

  • Ambulance provider oversight
  • Emergency Medical Dispatch
  • Hospitals and Specialty Care Centers
  • Emergency Medical Services Data Collection and Evaluation/Quality Assurance
  • Disaster Medical Preparedness


Jana Richardson, Senior EMS Coordinator

Phone: (661)  868-5215

E-Mail:  richardsonj@co.kern.ca.us


Public Health Division

Accounting and Finance


Jessie Fletcher, Administrative Services Officer

Phone: (661)  868-0358

E-Mail:  fletcherj@co.kern.ca.us


Community Wellness


Flor del Hoyo, Senior Health Educator

Phone: (661)  868-1285

E-Mail:  delhoyof@co.kern.ca.us



  • Coccidioidomycosis
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease
  • Communicable Disease (Tuberculosis, Influenza)
  • Rabies


            Public Health Laboratory

Phone:  (661)  868-0505


Nursing Program

  • Child Health and Disability Prevention Program
  • Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
  • Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program
  • Fetal, Infant Mortality Review Program
  • Maternal Child and Adolescent Health Program
  • Perinatal Outreach Program
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Program


Michelle Curioso, Director, Public Health Nursing

Phone:  (661)  868-0400

E-Mail:  curiosomi@co.kern.ca.us


Communicable Disease Control Program

  • Epidemiology
  • Vital Statistics (Birth and Death Certificates)
  • Communicable Disease
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease
  • Health Officers Clinic


            Denise Smith, Director, Disease Control

Phone:  (661) 868-0402

E-Mail:  smithde@co.kern.ca.us


California Children Services Program

  • Medical Case Management of Children
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Medical Therapy Units
  • Treatment Services


Tony Pallitto, Special Projects Manager

Phone:  (661) 868-1272

E-Mail:  tonyp@co.kern.ca.us