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The California Black Infant Health (BIH) Program aims to improve health among Black mothers and babies and to reduce the Black: White disparities by empowering pregnant and mothering Black women to make healthy choices for themselves, their families, and their communities.

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Program Services

Black Infant Health (BIH) program services are FREE and provided by a team of trained professionals, including a Public Health Nurse, Mental Health Professional, Family Health Advocates and Group Facilitators.

Mission: to improve health among Black mothers and babies by empowering pregnant and mothering Black women to make healthy choices for a brighter future.

Services: Client-centered life planning that helps you to plan for your future; Culturally centered education that respects your beliefs and cultural values; Case management with one-on-one support; Empowerment-focused group support services during and after pregnancy; Linkages to community referrals and resources, and so much more! 

Goals: Empower women, build resilience, and reduce stress; Promote healthy behaviors that support health, wellness, and relationships; Promote and enhance bonding and parenting skills; Connect women with medical, social, and mental health services; Engage communities to raise awareness and support efforts to improve maternal health outcomes for Black women and their families.

Access: BIH provides education using an empowerment-focused group model that allows you to gain support from other pregnant and mothering Black women in your community. Virtual hybrid services and virtual one-on-one Case Management services are also available.



The BIH Program focuses on Black women who are 16 years or older, pregnant, or up to six months postpartum at the time of enrollment and living in Kern County. There are no income requirements.

Any woman that does not meet the criteria for BIH but would still like services may be referred to the Perinatal Outreach Program; or, first-time parents can opt to enroll in the Nurse Family Partnership program.


Interest individuals may be referred to Black Infant Health by their health care provider, WIC, or other community agencies; but you can also refer yourself to program by giving us a call at 661-321-3000. 

Black Infant Health Referral Form

Referrals may be submitted by fax to 661-868-1291, by email to, or completed online at Enroll – Black Infant Health. When completing an interest form online, select your County of residence and you will be contacted directly with more information.

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If you would like to refer yourself or another person to BIH, please contact:

Chrystal Sheppard
BIH Coordinator

(661) 868-0521

You may also submit a referral form by fax to (661) 868-1291 or by e-mail to