Certified Healthy. Kern County Public Health welcomes you to join our exciting healthy restaurant initiative, which empowers community residents to choose restaurants in their area that offer nutritious foods.



“Certified Healthy” is a program that is committed to empowering Kern County residents with the awareness needed to make healthy decisions when dining out at restaurants. There are 10 nutrition criteria that are taken into consideration for this program and emphasize sodium content, calorie count, saturated fat, vegetarian options, and availability of fruits and vegetables with menu items. Because Kern County is severely affected by chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity, there are major diet improvements that are crucial in combating these issues.

We encourage all restaurants who are interested to apply for our program using the application link below. Upon submission of your application for “Certified Healthy,” our Public Health Nutritionist will be in contact with you regarding your application status. We look forward to working with restaurants to make Kern County a healthier place.

We encourage permitted restaurants with a current A letter grade from our Environmental Health Division to join this program. When you participate in the Certified Healthy program you will receive a Certified Healthy decal on your current grade card that recognizes your participation in the program and effort to make Kern County a healthier place to eat.

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Certified Healthy Mobile is an extension of our Certified Healthy restaurant program, which aims to promote healthy food options in the community for consumers to access. We invite ANY and ALL food trucks who believe they meet the criteria (or are interested in learning more about meeting the criteria) to apply and contact our Nutritionist Aaron Stonelake at (661) 868-1276. Please see our criteria below and feel free to contact our Nutritionist for any questions involving this exciting program. Thank you!

Mobile Vending Criteria

1 - Offers at least 1 low-calorie food option (under 600kcal) for meal

2 - Offers at least 1 vegetarian dish

3 - Offers fresh fruit or vegetable option with meal

4 - Salad option on menu

5 - Serve non-fried chicken, fish, or protein source

We invite ANY and ALL restaurants who believe they meet the criteria (or are interested in learning more about meeting the criteria) to apply or contact our Nutritionist Aaron Stonelake at (661) 868-1276 or stonelakea@kerncounty.com.

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