Disaster Preparedness
August 31st, 2017 | by: MacKenzie Starkey | Category: Disaster

Week 1 Resources

Week 1: Why Should I Care?

Earthquake County Alliance

Staying Safe Where the Earth Shakes

Protecting Your Family From Earthquakes


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Week 2 Resources

  • Week 2: What Should I Do?
    • Family Action Plans

ReadyKern –  One of the haunting images from 9/11 was that of people who were desperate to find family members – plastering pictures throughout the streets of NYC, holding them up for media and begging for help to find their missing loved one. How would you reunite with family members after a destructive event? What if you couldn’t access your home or neighborhood? Have you made a plan where everyone would meet?

Family Communication Plan – Often times after a disaster event, telephone service may be disrupted for a prolonged period. Land lines may be overloaded and cell phones may not work; telephone communications infrastructure may be destroyed. Has your family planned how to make contact? Who will you call? Do all your family members know the plan?

Insurance Protection – Insurance may sound like a dry topic, but hear helpful and interesting tips and advise from a lively non-profit insurance advocacy speaker. Know what steps you should take before a disaster to maximize your insurance benefit. Understand the benefits and limitations of varying insurance coverage. The type of disaster will directly affect insurance coverage and provides the primary financial strength to recover from an event.


Week 3 Resources

  • Week 3: What Should I Do?
    • Persons with Disabilities
    • Animals
    • School Preparedness

Week 4 Resources

  • Week 3: What Should I Do?
    • General Preparedness
    • Emergency Kit

General Preparedness Tips

Kern Medical Reserve Corps

Preparedness for owners of Large Animals – “Saving the ‘WHOLE FAMILY’ during disasters” is the motto that sums up the mission of the Central California Animal Disaster Team (CCADT).

Food Safety – How do you know if your food is safe to eat after a disaster?