Personnel and Training

  1. Certification and re-certification of all Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT-I), Paramedics (EMT-P), Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMD), and Mobile Intensive Care Nurses (MICN) functioning in the County
  2. Continuing Education
  3. EMT-P Accreditation Orientation Classes
  4. MICN Instruction
  5. Accreditation of training programs and CE provider programs


  • EMS Radio Communications System
  • EMS Dispatch (Kern County Communications Center)


  • Ambulance service monitoring and system compliance
  • Service areas and performance standards
  • Status of EMS transportation system

Hospitals and Specialty Care Centers

  • Base Hospital scope and authorization
  • Trauma Care System development and management
  • Hospital admission, interfacility transfer, and hospital status system practices

Public Information and Education

  • Orientation on “9-1-1 emergency” calling
  • Expand community awareness and education
  • EMS Week activities
  • Liaison with community groups, fraternal organizations, clubs, etc.
  • Administration of EMS (Maddy) Fund for physicians and hospitals

Data Collection and Evaluation/Quality Assurance:

  • Computerized data collection (e-PCR System)
  • Prehospital Patient Record review
  • System analysis, evaluation and feedback
  • Patient care/complaint investigations

Disaster Medical Preparedness

  • Emergency disaster planning
  • Med-Alert System
  • Prehospital and hospital response and resource deployment
  • Casualty distribution (casualty collection points)
  • Countywide medical disaster management authority

System Organization and Management

  • Medical control and authority (Medical Director)
  • Defined and centralized systems management
  • Short and long-term strategic planning
  • Local rules, regulations, policies and procedures development, and compliance monitoring