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Foster Care Public Health Nursing Program Goals
The Public Health Nurses in the Foster Care Program work toward ensuring that all children in foster care have their medical and dental needs met and reflected in their “Health and Education Passport.”

The Foster Care Public Health Nurses work in collaboration with the Department of Human Services staff to ensure that high quality, consistent health care is provided for all children in out-of-home placement and other children receiving services.

Foster Care Public Health Nursing Roles

  • Court Intake Process – Obtain applicable health and education history from the parent or legal guardian on the day of the detention hearing.
  • Referral from DHS Social Worker – Work collaboratively with the Social Worker, birth parents, and substitute care provider to meet the health care needs of the child.
  • CHDP Follow-up – Ensure that children who receive a CHDP physical assessment received needed medical and dental care.
  • Health Education – Provide educational in-services on health related topics to various community agencies providing services to foster care children.

Foster Care Services

  • Identify potential or existing health issues.
  • Interpret health care reports for social workers, probation officers, foster parents, and others.
  • Assist social workers and substitute care providers in obtaining timely, comprehensive assessments.
  • Assists with referrals for medical, dental, developmental and mental health conditions. Collaborate with mental health providers, California Children’s Services (CCS), and other community programs.
  • Evaluate the adequacy, accessibility, and availability of the referral network for health care services and collaborate with CHDP staff to identify and recruit additional qualified providers.
  • Develop a health plan for each child expected to remain in foster care.
  • Assist social workers in working with substitute care providers to ensure that the child’s Health and Education Passport (HEP) or equivalent is documented and updated.
  • Educate social workers, juvenile court staff, substitute care providers, school nurses, and others about the health care needs of children in foster care.

For more information about the Health Care Program for Children in Foster Care (HCPCFC) in Kern County, please contact the Foster Care Public Health Nurses at:

The Health Unit
Department of Human Services
O.C. Sills Building, Room 220
100 E. California Ave.
Bakersfield, CA 93307
Telephone: (661) 631-6835
Fax: (661) 633-7046