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This page serves as a resource hub for Programs & Services provided to people with HIV/AIDS.

  • Comprehensive AIDS Resource Emergency (CARE) Program
  • Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)
  • Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS (HOPWA)
  • Prevention Program
  • Kern County AIDS Surveillance project
  • AIDS Advisory Board  (visit detail page)
  • AIDS Resource Directory *below tabs

Comprehensive AIDS Resource Emergency (CARE)

The Federal Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resource Emergency (CARE) Act was originally enacted on August 18, 1990. The HIV Care Program is a two-tiered approach to service prioritization and delivery:

  • Tier One: Outpatient/Ambulatory Medical Care services include diagnostic testing, early intervention and risk assessment, preventive care and screening, practitioner examination, medical history taking, diagnosis and treatment of common physical and mental conditions, prescribing and managing medication therapy, education and counseling on health issues, well-baby care, continuing care and management of chronic conditions, and referral to and provision of specialty care (includes all medical subspecialties).
  • Tier Two: Approach services include case Management Services (non-medical), Child Care Services, Early Intervention Services (EIS), Emergency Financial Assistance, Food Bank / Home-Delivered Meals, Health Education/ Risk Reduction, Health Insurance Premium and Cost Sharing Assistance, Home and Community-Based Health Services, Home Health Care, Hospice Services, Housing Services, Legal Services, Linguistic Services, Local AIDS Pharmaceutical Assistance, (APA, not ADAP), Medical Transportation Services, Medical Case, Management Services (including treatment adherence), Medical Nutrition Therapy, Mental Health Services, Oral Health Care, Outreach Services, Psychosocial Support Services, Referral for Health Care / Supportive Services, Rehabilitation Services, Respite Care, Substance Abuse Services (outpatient), Substance Abuse Services (residential), and Treatment Adherence Counseling.

AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)

The Kern County AIDS Drug Assistance program (ADAP) are State-based programs funded in part by Title II of the Ryan White CARE Act created in 1990 by the US Congress provides medication for the treatment of HIV/AIDS to individuals without insurance coverage or third party benefits for ADAP medications. The individual must also meet financial eligibility requirements as established by the Department of Public Health.

For More Information Visit: Office of AIDS Website

Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS (HOPWA)


The HOPWA Program was established by Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to address the specific needs of persons living with HIV/AIDS and their families. HOPWA funds benefit low-income persons medically diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and their families. In Kern County, HOPWA program works collaboratively with the Housing Authority County of Kern (HACK), Clinica Sierra Vista (CSV) and Kern County Department of Public Health (KCDPH) in providing housing assistance and supportive services to persons living with HIV/AIDS and their families that meet the eligibility criteria.

HACK provides Tenant Based Rental Assistance Services (TBRA) to eligible clients, establishes clients’ rent and lease agreement, conducts housing inspections, recertify clients annually, provide housing information to eligible clients, maintain a waiting list and coordinate with service providers (CSV and KCDPH).

Clients are assessed by both providers (CSV and KCDPH) who make referrals to the HOPWA program or other support services in the community Support Services are offered to all clients in the HOPWA housing assistance program. Support services include case management, food assistance, transportation (bus passes), income assistance, counseling, and disability assistance, medical treatment, referrals and linkages to permanent housing (TBRA) or Shelter Plus Care and other community social services. Case management is on-going to clients receiving TBRA supportive assistance at enrollment and every six months. Both providers maintain a waiting list of clients needing services.


Prevention Program

The Prevention program provides HIV antibody counseling and testing; assessment of client’s personal risk factors and client-focused prevention counseling and risk reduction planning when appropriate and refers for Partner Counseling and referral services (PCRS). Testing services may include assessment of client needs regarding HIV transmission, personal risk behaviors and client-focused prevention counseling and risk reduction planning when appropriate; and referral to other services. Individuals seeking services are informed about the validity and accuracy of antibody test and consent to test. All individuals tested are given the results of this test in person. Risk information collected during the client assessment and the counseling session are used as a basis for data collection, and program development.

AIDS – Surveillance

The Kern County AIDS Surveillance project works in conjunction with other health and social service settings, including laboratories and confidential test sites to gather positive results for the State of California. The Medical Investigator will investigate reported HIV/AIDS cases in order to establish an accurate mode of HIV transmission, and in conjunction with the California Department of Health Services, Office of AIDS (CDHS/OA) staff, conduct investigations of case of public health importance.

Minority AIDS Initiative (MAI)

The goal of Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA) Minority AIDS Initiative (MAI) funding is for outreach and treatment education services focused on providing access to, and engagement in, medical care for HIV-positive persons of color. This program identifies and engages HIV-infected persons who know their HIV status but are not accessing medical care, and locates and reestablishes access for these individuals who have been lost to care.

For HIV question and answers go to

Mission Statement

The AIDS Advisory Board is dedicated to: Accessing – Identifying – Establishing a coordinated, collaborative, and accessible system of care for those persons with or at risk for HIV Disease.

Established by Board of Supervisors Resolution No. 88-682 dated 8/16/88.

The purpose of the Advisory Board is to advise the Kern County Board of Supervisors and the Kern County Health Officer on local conditions and the outlook for Kern County based on the national and global experiences with AIDS including existing and desirable programs and services affecting the living and working conditions of and care for persons who are infected with the AIDS Virus in Kern County and on measures taken or desirable for the prevention of and for control of the spread of the HIV/AIDS.

Kern County AIDS Advisory – Clerk of the Board

Latest AIDS Advisory Board Agenda

AIDS Advisory Board Minutes

AIDS Advisory Board Planning Committee Agendas/Meeting Minutes

Notification of Vacancy – AIDS Advisory Board

AIDS Resource Directory

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