Perinatal Outreach Program (POP)

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POP’s primary goal is to help pregnant women obtain and continued prenatal care for a healthy pregnancy outcomes.

All services are free of charge

The nurse and public health aides provide home visits, health education and outreach activities by doing the following

  • Connecting pregnant mothers to a doctor
  • Applying for Medi-Cal
  • Applying for WIC
  • Locating transportation to doctor appointments, WIC and baby well check appointments.
  • Linking families to need community services

Prior to baby’s arrival, they are also able to assist with

  • Nutrition information
  • Childbirth information
  • Connecting your baby to a doctor after birth
  • Breastfeeding and Newborn care information

After the baby arrives, they continue your education and assistance with

  • Provide a newborn assessment by a nurse
  • Provide information on well baby physical exams & immunizations
  • Provide information on infant development


Medi-Cal eligible, pregnant women;
Women must be pregnant no later than 36 weeks gestational age;
All ages;
All ethnicity; and
Reside in the Bakersfield area including Arvin, Lamont, Taft, Shafter, Wasco, McFarland and Delano.

Perinatal Outreach Program Information
(661) 321-3000 /FAX (661)868-1291

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