Public Health Department Launches Spice Website
May 5th, 2016 | by: Michelle Corson | Category: Press Releases

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Matthew Constantine

May 5, 2016

Public Health Department Launches Spice Website

Michelle Corson
Public Relations Officer

Bakersfield, CA – Kern County Public Health Services has launched a new website, a resource for Kern County residents regarding synthetic marijuana (spice). The website includes videos of local residents who have been impacted by spice as well as links to pages describing the health impacts, how to report suspected sales, descriptions of what spice looks like, and much more. “This new website is an important step in our fight to get spice off our streets” says Matt Constantine, Director of Kern County Public Health Services. “Getting our community informed and involved is key to our efforts, and we hope this website will achieve that.”
In 2012, a section of the Health and Safety Code was enacted that criminalized the sale, distribution and/or possession of psychoactive stimulants, including spice. However, this section of the Health and Safety Code narrowly defines the chemical compounds of spice, which have since been altered to provide similar hallucinogenic effects but fall outside of governmental regulation. On September 1, 2015, the Kern County Board of Supervisors approved an Ordinance that furthered the definition of psychoactive stimulants (spice) to include the sale of anything that is claimed or represented to be a psychoactive stimulant as a crime in Kern County.
The penalties associated with violation of the Kern County Ordinance Code include the ability to modify, suspend, and/or revoke any permit or license issued by the County of Kern. The Kern County Public Health Services Department is responsible for enforcement of this Ordinance because spice poses such a significant health risk and, because these drugs are most commonly known to be distributed from tobacco retail facilities and/or food markets, which are permitted and inspected by the Department.
Learn more and visit our new website: or visit our Public Health Services website and click on the “spice” button.
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