Smoking Prevention

Tobacco Education Program (TEP)

A. Tobacco Education Program Home

  • Program Goal: To promote tobacco-free living through education, outreach and technical education, access to cessation services, and the promotion of tobacco-free policies and practices.
  • Program Area: All residents and businesses in Kern County are eligible to use our services.
  • California Tobacco Health Protection Act of 1988
  • For additional information, assistance; please call the TEP Team at (661) 321-3000.


Q. Does your program provide cessation services?

A. No – the TEP does not provide direct cessation services. However, we can refer you to available community programs.

Q. Can I file a complaint if a place is not cooperating with the smoking laws?

A. Yes – you can contact our program at (661) 321-3000.

Q. What do I do if there is a store that is selling tobacco to minors (under 18 years old)?

A. Contact our program at (661) 321-3000 and we will follow up with the store owner regarding this issue.

Q. Does the Tobacco Education Team speak languages other than English?

A. Yes. If another language is needed, we will make arrangements to accommodate the public’s needs.

Q. How do you handle requests for services not covered by your program?

A. The program would refer them to the appropriate resource.

Q. Can I file a complaint if a place is not cooperating with the smoking laws?

A. Yes – you can contact our program at (661) 321-3000.

C. Becoming Involved

  • Tobacco Free Coalition of Kern County
    The Tobacco Free Coalition of Kern County is a partnership between agencies, community based organizations, health care organizations, school districts and residents. This partnership is dedicated to the development and implementation of effective control efforts in Kern County. Focus areas include promoting public education and supporting public policies that will eliminate or reduce the use of tobacco products.For more information on meeting dates and location or to join as a member, contact Nsele Nsuangani at (661) 321-3000.

D. Getting Help

Quitting your tobacco habit can be hard. Many former smokers tried several times before they were able to quit for good. But success is possible. The good news is that help is available for all Kern County residents.

E. Useful Information for Retailers

  • Link back to EH page.

F. Communities with Smoke-Free Outdoor Parks/Areas

G. Major Events and Activities

  • Great American Smokeout (3rd Thursday in November)
  • Healthy Lung Month (October)
  • Kick Butts Day (3rd Wednesday in March)
  • Through with the Chew Week (3rd Week in February)
  • World No Tobacco Day (May 31st)