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Matthew Constantine

Claudia Jonah MD
Health Officer

January 20, 2014


Kim Rodriguez
Public Information Officer
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## For Immediate Release ##

Kern County – The Vial of Life program is a simple solution that bridges the gap between victims and rescuers by providing vital information in an easily recognized and accessible format. The Vial of Life kit is used to capture pertinent medical information, such as name, address, emergency contacts, primary physician, medical history, allergies, medications, about the patient, which can be accessed by first responders in the event the patient is unconscious or unable to speak. A sticker is placed on the patient’s front door or vehicle window to notify rescuers that a Vial of Life is nearby. A magnet is placed on the patient’s refrigerator identifying the location of the vial. The vial, with completed medical history documentation, is then stored in the patient’s refrigerator or glove box of a vehicle for easy retrieval by rescuers.

The Vial of Life program was started decades ago and has been a stable source of patient information in an ever changing technological age. The most important aspect of the program is its simplicity. This is especially important when considering how technology often fails during major events.

The kits are being offered free of charge to Kern County residents through the cooperation of first responding agencies in Kern County. The kits will be available for pick up on July 30, 2014 at Kern County Public Health, Kern County Fire Department stations, Bakersfield City Fire Department stations, Hall Ambulance stations, Liberty Ambulance stations, Delano Ambulance station, and Mercy Air. Residents are encouraged to pick up their kits and promote the program.