Approved Defibrillation & EMT-1 Combitube Providers:


EMT-1 Defib & Combitube:

Kern County Fire Department

Bakersfield City Fire Department

Taft City Fire Department

California City Fire Department

Hall Ambulance Service

Aera Energy

Enron - Tehachapi


EMT-1 Combitube Only:

Delano Ambulance  

EMT-1 Defib Only:

Occidental Oil - Elk Hills

Public Safety Defib:

Shafter PD  

Known Layperson Defib Providers (appr oval not required through EMS):

Texaco – Kern River Division

Chevron – Taft

Texaco – Taft

Nestle Ice Cream Plant – Bakersfield

(note – there are many more of these that are unknown)


Last Updated 4/15/2005