California State Fire Marshal


Date Issued September 1, 2016 Interpretation 16-003
Topic Aboveground Petroleum Tanks
Code Section(s) 2013 CFC §2306 and CFC §5706
Requested by CUPA Forum Board Vicky Furnish, Forum Board Member
Date Received June 14, 2016


Question 1: Given those Certified Unified Program Agencies (CUPAs) without fire code authority, should jurisdictions that come across aboveground tanks that do not meet or have questionable product compatibility or integrity, refer to their respective local fire code official?

  • Answer 1: Yes. 


Question 2: Per the 2013 California Fire Code (CFC) Section 5706 Special Operations, does the code require aboveground tanks at farms to be listed for Class I, II, or III A/B flammable or combustible liquids?

  • Answer 2: Yes. Tanks need to be listed to an approved standard as described in 2012 edition of NFPA 30 when it exceeds 1,100 gallons (or 10,000 gallons for temporary use).  The 2013 California Fire Code Section 5706.2.4 exempts tanks 1,100 gallons or less from the listing requirements when specific conditions are met.  


Question 3:  Does the CFC require the listed aboveground tanks at farms to meet protected tank requirements (UL2085)?

  • Answer 3: No, when they meet the requirements of 5706.2