California Children's Services - Transitioning to Adulthood

Mission Statement

To assist young adult CCS members as they maximize their independence on the transition to the adult medical system.

Why Transition Planning 

Youth with chronic medical conditions must prepare for changes as they get older, particularly with regards to navigating the adult healthcare system. Upon their 21st birthday, young adults can no longer access CCS services.

Department of Health Care Services mandates that Transition Planning begin when clients turn 14 so they have plenty of time to prepare for their future after CCS services end at age 21.  Staff conduct case reviews and make attempts to contact all clients turning 18 and 20 to offer individualized transitional planning resource assessments and ensure clients, if applicable, have a Release of Information or Conservatorship on file.

Planning for non-CCS health coverage is VERY important for clients turning 21.

Are you a CCS client or family member with questions about transition? Call (661) 868-0504 and ask to speak to a Case Manager.