Fetal Infant Mortality Review

Why FIMR - In the United States, every year, about 23,000 liveborn babies do not survive until their first birthday. An almost equal number of babies are stillborn (without signs of life at delivery). While fetal and infant mortality in the United States has improved in recent years, disparities persist between whites and persons of color, especially African Americans, Latinos and Native Americans.

Fetal Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) is a community-based, action-oriented process to review fetal and infant deaths and make recommendations that spark systems-level changes and prevent future deaths (2022. https://ncfrp.org/fimr/).

The FIMR Committee is composed of the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) Coordinator, a Health Educator, a Service Technician, a Physician and various community partners.

There is a Community Action Team (CAT) that works with the committee to support FIMR efforts.  The CAT collaborates on “prevention, intervention, and policy development” (2022. https://ncfrp.org/fimr/) to improve FIMR outcomes.

If interested in becoming a part of the FIMR Committee please contact SIDS Coordinator, Phela J. Batiste, BSN, PHN, RN, at (661) 321-3000.