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Web Browsers Usage ShareThis website was built using techniques enabling users on a wide-range of devices to participate with this information. Please note, browsers dating back to before smartphones and tablets became the norm might have reduced performance and incompatibilities.

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An outdated browser can expose your computer to online threats an up-to-date browser would protect against. If you’re using an outdated browser, please consider updating it today.

What is a browser cache and why does it matter?

A browser cache is a library saved on your computer of webpages and files used within webpages so your computer can deliver a quick download experience of sites you visit often. Your browser will download the pages you view and save them to load from when you visit those pages again.

It is important to know how a browser cache can help you as well as misinform you. Clearly a quick loading experience is ideal and quite helpful. However, when old information is loaded instead of the most current information, this can become a problem. A problem that has a remedy. Each browser has a method of clearing the browser cache in an attempt to download the latest & fresh content from the websites you visit.

To learn how to refresh your cache on your browser, visit: