Entities that sign the PPA are asked to participate in KCHCC. The group meets quarterly to plan for coordinated emergency responses. By actively participating in KCHCC, members benefit from shared information and resources, local training, drills and exercises for staff education and enrollment in the California Health Alert Network (CAHAN).

Mission Statement

The mission of Kern County Health Care Coalition (KCHCC) is to bring local public, private, and non-profit organizations together for the purpose of collaborative disaster medical health planning and training.  Collaterally, grant-funding streams that include the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program (PHEP), CDC (bioterrorism and pan flu), Homeland Security, Regional Disaster Medical Health, and the Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP), are represented in this venue to promote efficiency through inter-disciplinary coordination.

Return on Investment

The Kern County Health Care Coalition (KCHCC) invites you to join us. Membership includes many valuable elements that will assist your agency in preparedness efforts. In addition to your participation, we place a high value on coalition members’ benefits which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Support prior to, during, and after incidents of significance.
  • Assistance with facility Preparedness Assessments and Hazard Vulnerability Assessment Plans.
  • Assistance with implementing and review of Emergency Operation Plans.
  • Opportunity to network.
  • Provision of an information sharing environment wherein like-agencies are able to share best practices/lessons learned.
  • Support actions that promote more efficient use of resources during exercises and actual events through coordinated emergency preparedness and response.
  • Assistance with understanding requirements and regulations from (CMS) Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Emergency Preparedness Final Rule as they apply to specific facilities and operations.
  • Eligibility for membership in ReddiNet a web-based emergency medical communications data system that monitors and reports hospital, patient, and emergency event status that also allows for resource requests to be placed in real time during a disaster event.

2018 Quarterly Schedule

Please join us at:

Kern County Public Health Services Department
1800 Mt. Vernon Avenue, Bakersfield, CA
1st Floor, San Joaquin Room
1:00 P.M. – 4:00 P.M.


Date Exercise

Oct. 10, 2018


Nov. 14, 2018



For more information or to get involved:
Charles Brockett (661) 868-5211