Our Leadership

Appointed by the Board of Supervisors, Matthew Constantine is the Director of Public Health Services.


Matthew Constantine, Director of Public Health Services

Phone: (661) 868-0300

E-Mail: matt@kerncounty.com


Brynn Carrigan, Assistant Director

Phone: (661) 868-0299

E-Mail: brynn@kerncounty.com


Assistant to the Director:

Sharon Kramer, Office Services Coordinator

Phone: (661) 868-0301

E-Mail: kramers@kerncounty.com


Michelle Curioso, Division Director of Health Services

Phone: (661) 868-0400

E-Mail: curiosomi@kerncounty.com


Accounting and Finance


Jessie Fletcher, Administrative Services Officer

Phone: (661) 868-0358

E-Mail: fletcherj@kerncounty.com