Septic Pumper/Grease Pumper/Toilet Rental Agencies

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The Kern County Septic Pumper/Grease Pumper/Toilet Rental Agency Program registers, permits, and regulates the activities of septic pumping, grease trap pumping and toilet rental businesses.

According to the California Health and Safety Code, Section 117400 et seq., those who wish to enter into the business of sewage pumping or the rental of portable toilets, or both, must register their business with the local Health Officer of that city, town, or county in which is desires to conduct this activity.

All individuals and businesses conducting sewage pumping, grease trap pumping and/or toilet rental businesses shall agree to the Kern County Pumper Terms and Conditions of Operation. In doing so, they will comply with both state law and the policies established by the Health Officer.

Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems


The Land Development program reviews new and tentative land uses for proposed water supply, sewage disposal methods and preservation of environmental quality. Staff work closely with the Planning Department in the review of applications for zone changes, adjustments, conditional use permits and precise development plans; review of proposed general and specific plans; and review of environmental consultation requests, negative declarations, and draft environmental impact reports. This program also serves as a technical resource regarding noise pollution and permits and inspects biosolid application sites.