Patient Transport to Triage Policy (6001.05)



A. The intent of this policy is to provide an alternative destination for patients that are not seriously or critically ill and are able to be triaged through the emergency department patient entrance.  



Patients that meet all of the following criteria may be transported directly to the hospital waiting room triage nurse, bypassing the emergency department’s ambulance entrance:

A. Base contact shall be made and the MICN must concur with transporting patient directly to triage. 

B. EMS personnel must give a full verbal report to the triage nurse accepting patient care and obtain a signature for transfer of patient care. If the receiving triage nurse does not agree that the patient meets triage criteria, the charge nurse has final decision.

C. The patient must meet all requirements before triage maybe considered: 

    • Patients 18 years or older or minors accompanied by a responsible adult.   
    • Patient’s Blood Pressure is appropriate for age (± 10 points of mm/hg). 
    • Alert and oriented to person, place, time, and event. 
    • A Glasgow Coma Scale score of 15 
    • Skin signs must be normal color, warm, and dry 
    • Patients can sit unassisted and have reasonable mobility.  
    • Does not require continuous monitoring (Cardiac monitoring or Breathing Treatment) 
    • Patient has not had any ALS intervention. 
    • Patient is not a 5150 hold or in custody. 
    • Patient is not in active labor.


Patient Transport to Triage Policy (6001.05) 
Effective Date: 4/9/2018
Kristopher Lyon, M.D.
Revision Date:  (Signature on File)