JJ's Mother

This story is about a boy named JJ, my son. I was blessed beyond words when he was born. He is the love of my life. By the time he was a junior in high school I had my suspicion that he may have been smoking pot. I was broken hearted and had no idea how to help him. Instead of helping him I just enabled him more. I continued to rescue him and give him money, cell phones, clothes, free room and board as he continued to steal from me. As time went on he started taking ecstasy. Then he discovered Spice, which he used to so he could pass a drug test for a job. JJ started getting worse. He continued to smoke more and more Spice. At first he would turn gray and I would find him in the gutter throwing up blood and unable to move, half dead. My enabling continued and his spice use got worse. I finally stopped this last Christmas Eve when he tackled me and called me every name in the book because I told him to get his cigarettes and spice off my front porch and held my arm up and told him he couldn’t come in. See you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be rescued.

This started in 2009 and now we are in 2016. JJ is going on 26 years old and has spent 6 years smoking spice, he is homeless and his only desire is to get high. I now protest any shop I can and have a Facebook called SpiceWarJJBattle. I will continue to fight this war against Spice until it is no longer in the stores and on the streets. Spice is killing our children not only mentally but physically too. If we save just one child from using Spice then we are saving one child from growing a day closer to death. JJ is hard to understand and doesn’t make any sense when he talks. He went from being sweet and kind to an unknown scary person that I am now afraid to be around. He wonders the streets homeless and high as his family hurts and prays for his return clean and sober. The doctors told me he would never be the same again, that the effects of spice are not reversible and that the damage is already done. JJ will never be able to work, have a normal life and may never have the chance to get married, but I will continue to pray for God to intervene and give me a miracle. We are not alone in this battle.

KB's Story

I was about 15 years old when I met my second family aka my best friend (VS) her older brother (JJ) and their lovely mother. VS never really spoke about JJ so I assumed they didn’t have much of a sibling relationship. Then one day, JJs mom took us to lunch. During the lunch, JJ was behaving like a child, messing with things on the table, asking for change for the candy and ball machines, just normal child behavior but abnormal adult behavior. It was at that lunch that I had realized something was quite different about JJ. I later learned that he had fell into drugs but no one could specify what type. It wasn’t until that moment that I realized why VS didn’t talk much about him and why he would act like a child.

There was one time I was over and JJ’s mom confronted him about the spice she found in his bedroom. He would steal money, electronics, jewelry, anything he could get his hands on to buy spice. Despite anything he did wrong to get the spice, his mom never refused him shelter, food, a phone, or money. People would refer to his mother as an enabler, including her daughter VS, however what is a mom to do when her son is addicted to something that is so easy to buy in a cigarette/smoke shop.

Spice not only ruined JJ’s life it had a major impact on his mother and my best friend. VS never mentioned her brother’s addiction besides the times he was going through his angry episodes at the house she would just refer to it as “JJ is being stupid again.” If he was home when we were there she did not talk to him whatsoever and she would lock her bedroom door every time she was there or left. There was pictures around the house of them two growing up that clearly showed their bond before spice came into JJ’s life. There were times we would go out to lunch and JJ would be outside the restaurants panhandling for money. If we were to approach the restaurant and see JJ panhandling VS would tell me to act like we do not know him. It was obvious she was highly embarrassed of who her brother became due to the spice.

It is important that people understand how easy it is to buy it out of a cigarette/smoke shops. If we can work together to get it out of the shops we can save lives and the families that have been torn apart due to this awful drug.