Valley Fever


What You Need to Know About Valley Fever

  • If you live, work, play, pass through an area where Valley Fever is found, you are at risk of getting this disease.
  • You can lower your chances of getting this disease by learning more about it.
  • Valley Fever may cause you to miss weeks or months of work/school.
  • The complications from this disease may require you to take medication the rest of your life, and even result in death.
  • Persons seeking healthcare that had knowledge about this disease were more likely to receive an earlier diagnosis than those that were unaware of the disease.
  • Valley Fever is and will always be in the soil in Kern County.
  • You get infected with Valley Fever by breathing in the spores in the air.

Purpose & Goals

Our goal for developing this website is to provide a comprehensive location that engages and empowers the community to understand the impact Valley Fever has in Kern County. The site will provide the most current and up-to-date information & resources about Valley Fever for Kern County residents, healthcare professionals, employers and visitors to our area.


Since the first case of Valley Fever was described in Kern County in 1901, the local health department, healthcare providers, and others have dedicated themselves to studying this disease. Kern County has been a leader and resource for treating and taking care of those infected with this disease. In addition, the County’s Public Health Laboratory is one of the top labs in the world for performing blood tests to diagnose Valley Fever.

Finally, the County has played a critical role in many studies that has increased the knowledge and understanding of this disease for all areas that impacted by this fungus.

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Kern County

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