How We Serve You

“We strive to ensure each Kern County resident has a fair opportunity to reach optimal health, what we refer to as health equity. We believe in meeting our community where they are, which is why mobilizing our services has become a mission critical goal of our department.”

Health equity means everyone has the opportunity to reach their best health. Safety, Respect Everyone, Access to Primary Care, Support Everyone's Wellbeing, Access to Vaccines, Access to Mental Health Care

Our Team Brings Information to You

Bringing Health Information to YOU

Reaching YOU where YOU ARE

When you see us with flyers, we are here to share what's happening in our community.

Working with YOU and our PARTNERS to make messages easy to read

Determining Our Areas of Focus

The Community Health Assessment (CHA) and the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) are the result of a collective work of Kern County Public Health staff, community partners, and community members – like you. The CHA helps us learn from our community about all areas of health. We ask questions about access, challenges, and thoughts on what is needed to make their community’s health better. We also gather Kern health data and compare it to the state. Then, we bring together a group of partners and community members to share what we have learned. They help us determine where to focus our work in the three-year plan called the CHIP and how they can help us along the way. This plan will help us to meet the needs of our community and improve community health together.

Community Health Assessment (CHA) & Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). The 5-month long CHA included 30+ one-on-one interviews, 9 focus groups with over 150 residents, and 600+ surveys. With help from community members, partners, and Public Health staff, 40+ people met for 4 hours to rank community needs to be added to the CHIP. The CHIP is our commitment to improve community health.

Help Us Serve You Better! 

We need your voice to help us learn how to serve you and our community better.

Share your ideas on:

  • Making our current programs better
  • Thoughts on new programs
  • Gaps you are facing
  • Ideas for health and safety information
  • Share success stories!
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