Nurse-Family Partnership®

Helping First-Time Parents Succeed

Kern County Nurse-Family Partnership® (NFP) is an evidence-based program to help new mothers develop skills to take better care of themselves and their babies. More information can be found at

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What services will I receive?

You will have your own specially trained Public Health Nurse who will visit you in your home (or a place that you both agree) during pregnancy and throughout the first two years of your child’s life.

How do I qualify for the program?

  • Expecting to deliver and parent for the first time.
  • Less than 6 months (24 weeks) pregnant.
  • Have a low to moderate income and eligible for Medi-Cal or Emergency Medi-Cal.
  • Living in Kern County.

Please do not assume you are ineligible. Call us to find out!

It is a VOLUNTARY program

You will learn information and develop skills that will help you take better care of yourself and your baby. This program will help you learn:

  • What to do during your pregnancy and child birth
  • How to care for your baby as he/she grows
  • How to obtain WIC, housing, school, work, child care, and more
  • How to work with your doctors, nurses, and other medical providers
  • All immunization and nutrition needs
  • How to live a healthy life with your baby

Your personal home-visiting nurse will provide:

  • Weekly visits during the first month of enrollment
  • Every other week visits until your baby is born
  • Weekly visits during the first six weeks after delivery
  • Every other week visits until your child is 21 months old
  • Monthly visits until your child’s 2nd birthday

Kern County Nurse-Family Partnership® (NFP) is funded in part by grants from First 5 Kern, The California Wellness Foundation (Cal Wellness), and the California Home Visiting Program (CHVP).

The Nurse-Family Partnership® program is located within the Kern County Department of Public Health.

If you are pregnant and interested in the program, or would like to refer someone, please contact us by calling our office. Services are also available in Spanish.

Nurse-Family Partnership®
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